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Published April 13, 2014, 02:30 PM

APP SNAP: Jelly: The new Yahoo answers

The free app Jelly is a social networking app with purpose.

By: Jasmine Maki, Forum News Service, Grand Forks Herald, WDAY

Four out of five stars

The free app Jelly is a social networking app with purpose.

Users pose questions to others with photos or map locations, and other users provide their expert advice.

Whether it’s recommendations for where to eat in a new city, what kind of plant is growing in the garden or who painted the mural outside the coffee shop, Jelly is bound to have a user that can provide an answer.

It’s like Yahoo answers of the new decade, on-the-go and ready to use whenever, wherever.

When a user opens the app, she will see a list of questions users have posed to the Jelly community. If she has an answer, she can simply click the question and respond. If not, the user can forward the question to a friend who might be able to help, or she can skip the question.

If a user finds a question he’d like answered as well, he can star it to receive a notification when it’s been answered. There’s no need for repeat questions.

If a user leaves a really good answer on a question, others can acknowledge it by giving them a “Good” rating or sharing their answer via other social media sites.

Depending on the question and the location, the response time will vary. A question posed about a local venue might not receive instant responses because of the lack of nearby users. But, a question about a specific topic such as dogs, health or travel destinations will often trigger multiple responses from the Jelly community.

Most of the answers seem to be legit, but as they’re typically not answered by true experts in the field, they should be taken for what they’re worth.

The only issue I have with Jelly is its lack of categorizing. But, maybe an update will include categories of questions, so users can easily find and answer questions in their field of expertise.

In the end, Jelly probably won’t be your most used app, but if you’re ever in need of some quick knowledge on a topic, it’s worth a download.