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Published March 28, 2014, 09:47 PM

Ladies Night at the gun range in Fargo

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - Gun ownership among women has grown over the past several years.

By: Becky Parker, WDAY

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - Gun ownership among women has grown over the past several years.

In fact, one in four women now say they own a gun and a local gun range is encouraging women to learn how to shoot.

About 23% of women in the U.S. own a firearm in 2005, that number was 13%.

Now, a local gun range is trying to get even more women to give shooting a shot.

Karla Kleespies/ First-Time Shooter: “It's very empowering.”

Karla Kleespies doesn't hunt, doesn't own a gun in fact, this is the first time she's held one.

Kleespies: "I've never shot a gun before. I've never had any education on shooting whatsoever."

Tonight, she thought she'd try something new.

A few friends talked her into coming to ladies night at the Red River Regional Marksmanship Center in West Fargo.

No men allowed except a few instructors helping some of these beginners learn.

But they aren't all beginners. Some are just trying to hone their skills for sport and for safety.

Kristina Thu/ Hoping to Hone Skills: "I want to have the knowledge of shooting a gun if I ever need it and eventually want to get my own."

That seems to be a growing mindset among many women.

An estimated 20 million now own a gun.

And now, one Friday a month at this gun range, they can learn how to use them.

Kleespies: "It's great that these women feel empowered to do something that's often thought of as a man's world."

You can visit the gun range website to find out when the next ladies' night is.