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Published March 27, 2014, 08:21 AM

WDAY Morning Web Update

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) -- WDAY 6 News update with Rebecca Lebak

By: Rebecca Lebak, WDAY

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) -- Welcome to the WDAY 6 News update this morning. I'm Rebecca Lebak.

Prosecutors will not charge a child who shot his brother to death in Freeman, South Dakota.

The victim is 8 year old Sean Hofer.

Authorities say the two were playing with a handgun when the 9 year old boy pulled the trigger, thinking the gun was not loaded, and accidentally shot his brother.

The driver who plunged into a St. Louis Park retention pond last November, killing two children, will not be charged.

Marion Guerrido had five kids with her when she lost control on a ramp and drove into the pond.

Prosecutors call it a horrible tragedy.

The investigation showed Guerrido wasn't speeding, using drugs or alcohol, and wasn't on her cell phone.

She could still be ticketed for not having a drivers license.

Inspectors are investigating a drilling rig fire near Watford City Tuesday that injured a worker.

The explosion happened at a Nabors Drilling rig on a Whiting Petroleum location.

Brian Busby suffered burns to his hands and head.

The cause is believed to be a pressure build-up that caused material to escape and ignite.

No oil or liquids spilled.

There's been another report of satellite imagery detecting large amounts of debris in the search area for a missing Malaysian airliner.

An official says a Thai satellite has detected about 300 objects floating in the Indian Ocean.

Bad weather has canceled today's aerial search effort, but five ships continue the hunt for debris.

Search crews have found an additional body in the debris field from Saturday's mudslide in Washington.

That brings the number of bodies discovered to 25, but not all have been recovered.

90 people are listed as missing.

Authorities have acknowledged they might have to leave victims buried in the debris.

Potholes are a big problem as we head into spring.

Now, more government dollars could be used in Minnesota to repair roads.

A House bill would provide 15 million dollars for pothole repair, with another 20 million for snow removal.

DOT officials say the money could fill 50- THOUSAND potholes.

Annie Finne/League of MN Cities: “much of the condition that we're seeing out there is a result of neglect. And what we hear from our city engineers all the time is that they need the tools and the funds to make sure that they do their maintenance on schedule. And we know that for every one dollar spent on maintenance we save seven dollars on repairs and we're really seeing that play out this year.”

The full house still needs to vote on the legislation.

Let's turn now for a check of our weather. Here's meteorologist Daryl Ritchison.

Thanks Daryl.

Check out today's Forum: He just gave you the forecast, but our very own Daryl Ritchison is leaving WDAY, find out what he is going to be doing now with his more "normal" schedule.

And coming up tonight on WDAY 6 news: Some parts of the area may be talking snow again...find out when and how much tonight.

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