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Published March 22, 2014, 09:49 AM

Lawmakers are trying to test for potency in pot-based munchies

Denver, CO - Marijuana munchies are being placed underneath the microscope.

By: CNN Staff, WDAY

Denver, CO - Marijuana munchies are being placed underneath the microscope.

A bipartisan group of Colorado lawmakers are trying to better the labeling for pot-based foods and drinks so consumers can get a better idea of how much they want to eat or drink.

Brian Ruden/ Starbuds Operator: "Brownies. Rice krispies. Candies. Drinks."

The list of pot infused products is plentiful. Strong staples on the shelves at the Starbuds dispensary in Denver.

Ruden: "There's chocolates, there's caramels, there's all sorts of things."

While these marijuana munchies all contain 100 milligrams of THC, the ingredient that makes you high, the intensity of that high isn't always the same.

Ruden: "Depending on how strong the concentration is they put in the edible, that's going to affect how strong the edible is."

That's why democrats and republicans are working on a system to test these products on a regular basis so the user can look at the label, to see just how stoned they'll really get.

Jonathan Singer/ (D) Colorado State House: "When you mix the ingredients together, you're not necessarily going to get the same amount of flour, and sugar and eggs and THC in every corner of that."

A move by lawmakers, that's welcomed by an industry that's making green by selling green.

Ruden: "The more consistent and the more people really understand what they're getting and how much of that product to eat, the better."