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Published January 29, 2014, 09:51 PM

Beyond the Game: Three Seniors are leading Fergus Falls Girls' Basketball Team to victory

Fergus Falls, MN (WDAY TV) - Over the last two seasons, few teams have been as dominant in Minnesota basketball than the Fergus Falls girls.

By: Eric Manlove, WDAY

Fergus Falls, MN (WDAY TV) - Over the last two seasons, few teams have been as dominant in Minnesota basketball than the Fergus Falls girls.

They are led by Brianna Rasmusson, Anna Monke and Bailey Strand who have come together and found a special bond on and off the court.

The Fergus Falls girls’ basketball team has won 48 straight regular season games, a big reason why is the big three who have combined for over 3,000 points in their career.

Brianna Rasmusson/Otters Sr. Guard: “They are one of my best friends, so I it's just so much fun playing with them.”

Anna Monke/Otters Sr. Forward: “These two amaze me on a daily basis.”

Bailey Strand/Otters Sr. Guard: “We are just great friends on and off the court and it's just so much fun.”

Brad Strand/Fergus Falls Head Coach: “It gives me goose bumps; they are just such good friends and such good teammates. They complement each other so well on the court and they have just worked so hard.”

Eric: “Do you guys have any classes together?”

Strand: “Brianna and I have every class together.”

Rasmusson: “Ever since she moved here we have had the same schedule.”

Strand: “I get to see her all the time.”

Monke: “We have calculus all together and our coach so.”

Strand: “So yeah he's our teacher, bonding time.”

Monke: “So it's usually learn calculus and the last five minutes talk basketball. So it's fun.”

Brad Strand: “It's pretty awesome as a coach when you got a point guard that gets you on average nine assists a game, you got a post in there that is gonna shoot it about 70% and then you got a kid on the perimeter that is gonna shoot it about 40-45%. So a pretty good three pieces to have.”

Rasmusson: “Bailey's shooting.”

Monke: “It's seriously insane.”

Rasmusson: “I don't think she got taught how to miss. We will be just running plays and chucking balls up and Bailey will make it all the time so.”

Monke: “Bailey we are just running plays.”

Rasmusson: “And Anna her post moves and her vision on the floor.”

Strand: “And some of Bri's passes, you are like where did that come from.”

Each member of the Otter trio is averaging ten or more points but it's a double overtime loss that keeps them motivated.

Fergus Falls entered last year’s state tournament as one of the favorites but lost to an unranked Monticello team.

Rasmusson: “Our first practice, Coach Strand put the score on the scoreboard and I think it's in the back of our heads that we need to work hard every day and every game.”

Monke: “If it had to happen I'm so glad it happened last year and I'm so glad we are learning from it and we are still using it as motivation to get better.”

Strand: “It still hurts I guess, but it only made us better so we just have to keep remembering that.”

So much better that the Otters are once again unbeaten, winning by an average of 35 points per game.

Something they hope will make a difference come March.