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Published October 10, 2013, 06:39 PM

Concordia Cobbers still feeling sting of loss a year later

Moorhead, MN (WDAY TV) - It's simply known as "the play.”

By: Eric Manlove, WDAY

Moorhead, MN (WDAY TV) - It's simply known as "the play.”

Concordia seemingly had a victory last week year at Bethel when they recovered a fumble, but both players and coaches came on the field to celebrate, which was a penalty and Bethel eventually scored a game winning touchdown and as our Eric Manlove tells us, a year later, there's still not a lot of healing.

The emotion was unbearable, we are now a year later and at a different venue but having victory taken from you is something the Concordia football team will not be forgetting soon.

Kenyon O’Brien- Cobbers Sr. Defensive Back: “Really weird, I remember Tim Garry picking up the ball and running next to him and saw the flags fly and I'm like that's coming back. I saw our guys running and I'm running past them and a real weird case of events and I couldn't believe that it worked out like that. I thought the game.”

Pedro Peterson- Cobbers Sr Defensive Back: “It's a moment that I have never been a part of before and it's a moment that I really hope that I am never apart of again.”

Last year's heartache has been put on the sideline, and the Cobbers say it will stay there.

On Saturday, Concordia will try to improve to 5-0, a record they haven't had since 2005, which happens to be the last year they made the playoffs.

Griffin Neal- Cobbers Jr Quarterback: “We know now that if you lose more than one game, you are not guaranteed anything as far as post season goes.”

Peterson: “It could have major impacts, just like last year this game had really big impacts once the season came down to playoff deciding who got in and who didn't. So this game could be a big turning point for both us.”

The situation is as close to identical as you can get for the Cobbers and Royals, but Concordia isn't ready to repeat that bit of history.

O’Brien: “I think our defense is going to have to do it. I have full confidence that our offense is going to be able to put points on the board.”

Cobber fans are probably guaranteed another memorable finish at the Jake between these two rivals

The Cobbers are 3-7 against Bethel in their last ten meetings.