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Why Does Financial Health Matter to Me?
Let's get this out of the way up front: my finances aren't perfect. I had minimal student loans after undergrad. I started at a community college and then transferred to Hamline University, where I gr...
6/27/17 at 6:29 AM
Out of the Nest Series: Budgeting 6/21/17 at 6:32 AM
Having a Summer Party? Here Are 5 Tips to Save Money 6/14/17 at 6:31 AM BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD OF ND
What Is Health Care Coverage Coinsurance?
Health care has a language of its own, including insurance terms. Let's break down one important term of your health care coverage: Coinsurance. First off, it helps to understand that health care c...
6/21/17 at 12:21 PM
Embrace Total Worker Health 6/14/17 at 1:08 PM
Five Ways Your Premium Dollar Works for You 4/25/17 at 9:53 AM ADDICTED TO RUNNING
The Path Forward
Sometimes the path forward isn't always clear. That's true in life and running. After running Grandma's Marathon on Saturday, that's certainly the case for me. There was good reason to feel confide...
6/20/17 at 10:34 AM
A Few Days to Grandma’s 6/13/17 at 11:24 AM
The Goose Run 5/31/17 at 4:48 AM STAFF BLOGCAPITOL CHATTER
Rural America Target of Federal Health Care Discussion
The battleground for new federal health insurance legislation may be in the same place as last year's presidential election was decided: rural America. Democrats are telling rural Donald Trump voters...
5/8/17 at 11:14 AM
Transportation Divide: ‘We Have to Start Somewhere’ 4/3/17 at 3:39 AM
Lawmaker Tells Chairman Not to ‘Cower Behind Gavel’ Over Prescription Medicine Issue 3/15/17 at 3:30 AM COBBERS OF THE BRAIN
Autism Is More Than Genes
Diseases like type 1 diabetes and sickle-cell anemia happen througha defect in a single gene. Sometimes all it takes is one wrong letter in the genetic code to create a life-threatening disease. If on...
5/4/17 at 12:52 AM
The Great Debate: Vaccines and Autism 4/24/17 at 12:43 PM
Why the Three Strikes Rule for Sports Concussions Is Vital 3/27/17 at 9:30 PM FARGO CASS PUBLIC HEALTH
The Risk of Salmonella Infection From Baby Poultry
The North Dakota Department of Health (NDDoH) warns of the potential danger to people who come into contact with live poultry, especially chicks, ducklings and other baby birds. Contact with live poul...
4/10/17 at 2:28 PM
Department of Health Urges Caution During Tick Season 4/7/17 at 11:31 AM
Department of Health Encourages Individuals to Become Educated During STD Awareness Month 4/5/17 at 11:00 AM STAFF BLOGMIKE MCFEELY
How Should We Feel About Working-Class White Voters Having ‘Trump Regret?’
Working on my Sunday column for The Forum. Topic is an internal struggle I'm having about reports of white, working-class voters showing some regret about voting for Donald Trump. With the release of ...
Laughter Really Is the Best Medicine
By Robert Jones EAPTrainer, The Village Business Institute For years Ive struggled with something about myself, the embarrassing guilty pleasure I just cant quit because it brings a bit of sanity int...
3/7/17 at 8:02 AM
Which way do you face when the winds of change blow? 9/5/14 at 1:02 PM FARGO SCHOOL TALK
It’s Tournament Time!
If it's February, that means it's high school "tournament time" for the region. Check out the recent changes to two upcoming Fargotournaments. By Fargo Public Schools Student Activities District Direc...
2/11/17 at 10:05 AM
ND Senate Testimony - Bill 2048 1/26/15 at 8:45 AM
Saving Life a Group Effort – Local Hero Honored 9/25/14 at 4:59 PM SOCIAL SECUITY INFORMATION AND UPDATES
Health Savings Accounts and Medicare Part a & Part B
You can't contribute to a Health Savings Account once you're enrolled in Medicare. This IRS rule should be considered whenyou have a Health Savings Account and want to sign up for Medicare A & B.(...
2/2/17 at 8:28 AM MS. SIMPLICITY
Resolving to Put Your Health First
When my kids get sick I make sure that they get the finest medical care that our insurance will provide. Sometimes even going places where our insurance doesn't cover. But if it is my health, I seem...
1/4/17 at 11:23 AM
How Are You? 3/8/16 at 11:11 AM
Life Will Start When My To-Do List Is Done 7/8/14 at 9:34 AM NDAD INSIGHT
Be Part of NDAD’s Mission; Take Part in Giving Hearts Day 2017
NDAD & Giving Hearts Day 2017. The longtime charity helping people with disabilities and health challenges is, for the first time, part of the region's rapidly growing annual regional giving even...
1/3/17 at 9:52 AM
Home on the Range Awarded 3rd Faye Gibbens Memorial Grant 12/12/16 at 4:43 PM
Meet Three NDAD Clients in Latest Insider 9/21/16 at 1:32 PM THE VILLAGE FAMILY SERVICE CENTER
A Boy and His Dog: How the Village Helped Julian Have a Happier Life
Julian was terrified of dogs. Hed had a frightening experience with a dogand, even before that, had struggled with anxiety. He quit doing things he enjoyed, like riding his bike, said his mom, Gina. ...
12/15/16 at 12:37 PM
Tips for Dealing With Family During the Holidays 11/22/16 at 9:48 AM
Fargo alcohol, drug treatment facility sees jump in inquiries in the New Year 1/14/16 at 3:34 PM THE FLENSBURGER FILES
Flensburg Files Holiday Moments: A Boy With PANDAS
During the holiday season, The Flensburg Files has been posting some memorable holiday moments on its facebook page, as a way of showing holiday spirit, as well as the true meaning of Christmas, whi...
12/12/16 at 3:51 PM
A Tribute to Helmut Schmidt 11/10/15 at 4:49 PM
In School in Germany: Is President Obama too American? 7/4/14 at 6:03 AM STAFF BLOGSAY ANYTHING BLOG
Dalrymple’s Budget Contains Massive Line Item to Implement Foolish Medical Marijuana Measure
In yet another example of how deeply unwise it is to legislate at the ballot box, get a load of this bullet point from page 157 of Governor Jack Dalrymple's executive budget summary (see below) presen...
12/9/16 at 10:45 AM
Audio: Measure 4 Opponent Says Cigarette Tax a Bad Way to Fund Veterans 10/11/16 at 9:05 AM
Sad: Department of Health Employee Resigns After Debate Night Tweets 9/28/16 at 10:07 AM
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