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Merkel Hangs on but Trouble on Horizon
Christian Democratic Party still holds the cards despite record losses. Free Democrats (FDP) back in the Bundestag, the Right-winged Alternative for Germany (AfD) enters national politics as the thi...
9/24/17 at 5:09 PM
Genre of the Week: Allentown by Billy Joel 6/7/17 at 2:14 PM
Showdown at Fehmarn 8/18/16 at 4:01 AM STAFF BLOGCAPITOL CHATTER
Water Quality Remains a Minnesota Problem
The governor called for making the Minnesota River "fishable and swimmable" within 10 years. That was then-Minnesota Gov. Arne Carlson 25 years ago. The river is in the southern half of Minnesota whe...
8/17/17 at 7:15 AM
Governor Worries Trump ‘Unpredictability’ Will Impact Environment 7/20/17 at 8:26 AM
Transportation Divide: ‘We Have to Start Somewhere’ 4/3/17 at 2:39 AM STAFF BLOGOIL PATCH DISPATCH
Faces of the Boom: Workers Adjust to Meet Changing Demands in ND’s Oil Fields
WILLISTON, N.D. -- In Karolin Jappes first year as emergency manager in McKenzie County, she responded to five explosions at oil and gas facilities. Most concerning to Jappe was that four of the five...
5/27/17 at 7:00 AM
UPDATED: Heitkamp Influenced by Tribe’s Position as Senate Fails to Repeal Federal Methane Rule 5/10/17 at 4:39 PM
EPA Takes 1st Step to Approve ND Regulation of Injection Wells 5/9/17 at 1:05 PM DOING IT DOWNTOWN
Fargo-Moorhead’s Earth Day Celebration
Fargo-Moorheads Earth Day Celebration Ugly Food of the Norths Terra Madre Celebrates the Earth, Food, and the Fargo-Moorhead Community BY ASHLEY REZACHEK For the first time ever Ugly Food of the Nort...
4/20/17 at 6:37 PM
Vegan Living in Downtown Fargo 2/15/17 at 8:00 AM
Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something…Green! 12/16/10 at 8:00 AM RENEW ND
Driverless Cars a Boon or Bane for Cities?
Automobiles really are becoming more automatic. Technology for driverless autosis accelerating at Moores Law rates as are advances in battery technology for more cost effective electric powered cars a...
2/26/17 at 2:04 AM
What Would Theodore Roosevelt Say About Pruitt as Head of Environment? 2/20/17 at 5:39 AM
The Changing Face of Outdoor Recreation and Environmental Protection
After 15 years as a nature and wildlife photographer, Dudley Edmondson had photographed mountains and valleys, fuzzy baby bears clinging to tree trunks, and brightly colored orioles perched in branche...
Showdown at Fehmarn
Co-produced with sister column, The Flensburg Files Petition Drive to Stop the Construction of the Tunnel at Puttgarden in Full Gear; Discussion about the Fehmarn Bridge's Future is on. BURG/ FEH...
Counting Up Fines Is A Poor Way To Measure The Effectiveness Of Environmental Regulation
"Government regulators have some powerful tools at their disposal to crack down on violators of environmental laws, namely fines, lawsuits and other formal enforcement actions," reports Archie Ingerso...
4/22/16 at 8:46 AM THE PERIPHERY
An Unbelievable Twins Story, A Revelation of What Makes Us Who We Are
  After writing about identical twins (including my grandmother and her sister), I was sentthis incrediblestory from the New York Times about two sets of identical twins inColombia: Two sets of...
7/18/15 at 9:19 AM FARGO SCHOOL TALK
The Road to 21st Century Skills
By Fargo Public Schools Instructional Resources Director Jodell Teiken What knowledge and skills do students need to help them succeed in school and in life? Of course content knowledge is important;...
11/19/13 at 8:00 AM
Glass Paper Project 2013 Fall Update - Part One 9/13/13 at 2:28 PM
The Glass Paper Project, Part III 10/8/12 at 8:16 AM OH LOOK, A SHINY THING!
Invasion of the Lake Snatchers
Zebra mussels have apparently invaded the lake my grandparents' cabin is on. This is not good news, as the mussels are an invasive species famous for encrusting everything put into a lake, including ...
7/17/13 at 9:00 AM
What Will You Do to Fight Silver Carp? 9/17/12 at 2:58 PM
Documenting a History of Weirdness 11/27/11 at 5:14 PM MSUM
Student Innovates Campus Greenhouse
Sustainability is put to use By Kristin Kirtz Thanks to senior Tyler Franklin, a biosciences and sustainability major, what was once an unproductive space on campus is now a great research tool. Fr...
6/4/13 at 1:42 PM
“Air, Water, Land and Energy: Our Voice, Our Future Citizens Forum” 12/12/12 at 9:03 AM UND NEWS
Learning on a grander 'SCALE'
The University of North Dakota Office of Instructional Development is tipping the "scales" when it comes to creative teaching and learning practices for its students. The University recently added ...
Does the Landscape Inspire You? Be Part of the Arts Center's Opening Exhibit
Does the landscape inspire you? In particular, the Coteau? The Prairie? How does it make you feel? How does the North Dakota landscape, environment, history, etc. affect your work? What impresses you...
4/16/12 at 1:02 PM CONCORDIA COLLEGE
A Mountaintop Experience
Mountains are moving. Students are in Kentucky for spring break to witness mountaintop removal and investigate how it affects the environment and the people of the region. Mountaintop removal is a co...
2/28/12 at 2:00 PM
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