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On the Road Again
  Ive never been a fan of Willie Nelsons music, but his song comes to mind when I look back over the past month. ... On the road again Goin' places that I've never been Seein' things that ...
6/20/17 at 10:45 PM
A Grandmother’s Treasure Rediscovered 11/16/16 at 4:03 PM
The Great Fish and Stitch (Not at the Same Time) 10/25/16 at 10:56 AM THE VILLAGE FAMILY SERVICE CENTER
Tips to Make Your Next Family Vacation a Reality
Summer is the season for the family vacation. Whether its a trip-of-a-lifetime to a far-off destination or an afternoon spent frolicking on a nearby beach, vacations rejuvenate the soul and revitalize...
6/14/17 at 1:03 PM
Village to host North Dakota Picnic in Mesa, Ariz., March 2 1/16/14 at 3:26 PM THE PERIPHERY
A World of Photography: The Best of Boyang
Here on The Periphery we've enjoyed featuring the work of Boyang Tang. The former business professional-turned-globe-trotting-photographer has thus far shared with us his stories and captures from J...
6/4/17 at 9:39 AM
Larry and Will Go to New Zealand! Part 2 of 2 5/28/17 at 11:06 AM
Larry and Will Go to New Zealand! 5/21/17 at 11:21 AM BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU BUZZ
AAA, BBB Offer Tips for Traveling Seniors
Whatever time of year, getaways are always fun but planning ahead is an important part of the process, especially for senior travelers. AAA The Auto Club Group and Better Business Bureau of Minnesot...
5/18/17 at 2:28 PM
BBB Offers Spring Break Travel Tips 2/28/17 at 11:12 AM
Beware of Spring Break Scams 2/24/16 at 5:18 PM CULTURE BUILDS COMMUNITY
Navigating the Weather – Rescheduled Exhibit Reception
I feel like a bit of a hypocrite, in last week's blog I encouraged everyone to "get-over" winter, brave the elements and get to the reception last Thursday, only to panic and cancel/postpone the event...
1/17/17 at 10:17 AM
An Enlightening Visit to Ellendale 9/27/16 at 4:52 PM
What are your Holiday Traditions? 12/22/14 at 12:58 PM SENSE AND CENTSIBILITY
Holiday Travel Tips With Your Furbaby
It's Flashback Friday! Since Christmas and holiday travel are right around the corner, it's the perfect time for this post about travel tips with your furry best friend. If you plan to travel with ...
12/16/16 at 7:45 AM
4 Tips to Plan your Summer Vacation on a Budget 2/27/14 at 12:00 PM
Travel Tips That Can Save You Money This Holiday Season 12/21/12 at 10:13 AM THE FLENSBURGER FILES
Genre of the Week: The Beauty of What We’ll Never Know by Pico Iyer
Take a few moments and ask yourselves these questions: What is beauty in your own terms? Is it what you look like, what you see, what you hear or feel, or is it based on a personal experience ...
10/14/16 at 3:25 AM
Showdown at Fehmarn 8/18/16 at 5:01 AM
Genre Feature: Thank you for travelling with the Deutsche Bahn 7/19/15 at 4:06 PM STAFF BLOGMIKE MCFEELY
VIDEO: WDAY Honor Flight
WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The latest WDAY Honor Flight left Fargo at 8 a.m. Sunday and landed in the nation's capital a couple of hours later. After landing, the 96 veterans of World War II and Korea saw t...
Foreign Travel, Volunteers and Medicare
My name is Mickie Douglas. I work for Social Security as a Public Affairs Specialist and Im replacing Howard Kossover. I just said that so I could officially state for the record that Howard is irrepl...
Study Examines Genetics of Bison in Theodore Roosevelt Park
WATFORD CITY, N.D. Research underway at Theodore Roosevelt National Park aims to help scientists better understand bison in order to conserve the species. Researchers recently collected tissue sampl...
8/13/16 at 1:01 PM
More Visitors Discovering Splendor of National Park’s North Unit 8/13/16 at 12:01 AM LAGNIAPPE
Vacation Over; the Countdown Commences
By the time you folks out are reading this, there will only be four days left of my tenure at the Daily Globe. And this final week of work comes on the heels of a week-long vacation. Why would I both...
7/25/16 at 3:54 PM
Sights less sought 5/17/16 at 12:03 PM
Road trip ramblings 8/31/15 at 4:08 PM THE NEW FORTY
Don't Rain on My Parade Québec!
I am on the annual Oprah and Gayle pilgrimage to Qubec , Canada to visit my darling grandchildren, Noah Jr. and Cortney, with my son Noah. The pilgrimage was so named long ago as an homage to Oprah Wi...
Political Chatter: Minnesota legislators seeing pink, blaze pink
The big debates in the Minnesota Legislature tend to be about taxes, spending, abortion, gay rights and such, but it turned to orange vs. pink the other day. During a House committee meeting, in whic...
Zika virus travel alerts
Zika virus has recently been transmitted in numerous areas of the Americas and the Caribbean, many of which are popular winter vacation and wedding destinations for North Dakotans. Zika virus has pres...
2/5/16 at 9:48 AM
ND Department of Health Provides Advice on African Travel 11/21/14 at 3:26 PM HOME AND AWAY
The Bugger Came In Third
I told Tom I do not have a polka-dot dress. He assured me I did not need one. What did we see before we even left the parking lot? A tall, amply built woman sashaying to the entry gate, wearing a broa...
11/29/15 at 3:46 AM
I told them that roof would fall down! 7/24/13 at 1:52 AM
Date Night: Page, North Dakota 6/30/13 at 12:42 PM
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