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Genre of the Week: Jesus Freak by DC Talk
This special genre of the week is in connection with the Files' series on Martin Luther and the 500th anniversary of the 95 Theses. The Jesus Freak series belongs to this series because of its asp...
6/8/17 at 9:59 AM
Martin Luther and Homosexuality: The Current Trend From the Author’s Perspective 5/19/17 at 2:38 AM
"Wir sind das Volk" als illegale Ansage? 2/22/16 at 2:12 PM THE PERIPHERY
My Southern Experience: Religion (& Politics) and the South
The South is religious, right? That's the stereotype. Maybe it's only in appearance. An attendee at my presentation in Minneapolis theorized that Minnesotans are just as religious. But they're Luthe...
12/18/16 at 3:43 PM
Ayla Travels the World, Part 6: A Christian’s Insights on Muslim Egypt 7/31/16 at 8:49 AM
Religion in Uganda: I Visit a Temple and a Mosque 2/8/15 at 12:37 PM THE NEW FORTY
The Utility of Well-Placed Guilt.
One of my most common disclaimers when I meet new folks is that one of my parents was raised Jewish and the other was raised Catholic, hence I am "half Jewish/half Catholic - which equalstwice the gui...
7/24/16 at 12:57 PM
United We Stand, Divided We Fall. 7/12/16 at 11:15 AM STAFF BLOGSAY ANYTHING BLOG
You Can Be Grateful If You're An Atheist
Not so long ago Fargo Forumcolumnist Roxane Salonen wrotea column with this headline: Can those without God be grateful guests? Moving about this big, beautiful world, we all have a chance to enjoy ...
4/21/16 at 4:18 PM
James Kerian: Beware Of The Preaching Of The "Nones" 3/15/16 at 8:23 AM UND NEWS
UND Professor Weinstein to participate in discussion on Adam Smith, father of modern capitalism, in Norway
Dr. Jack Weinstein, professor of philosophy and director of the Institute for Philosophy in Public Life at the University of North Dakota, will present a research paper and participate in discussion...
8/12/15 at 2:06 PM
UND philosophy and religion professor presents paper in Thailand 8/3/15 at 4:23 PM
UND guest post: Can we be happy before we reach our goals? 12/12/12 at 12:24 PM THIS WOMAN WRITES
Why It's Important for Christians to READ
Our little library is literally just that -- quite little -- but it has a generous attitude toward ordering inter-library loan books for patrons, and our family must use up a good portion of their bud...
4/22/15 at 2:16 PM
"Why Do You Keep Doing Things That Hurt You?" 4/15/15 at 5:13 PM
Just How Equal Are We in Our Society? 4/10/15 at 3:28 PM STAFF BLOGOIL PATCH DISPATCH
Faces of the Boom: Priest help fulfill spiritual needs of a growing community
Kathleen J. Bryan Forum News Service WILLISTON, N.D. -- The Rev. Biju Antony was called to serve God when he was just 16. The youngest of seven children, he was inspired by his mother and the priests...
2/2/15 at 11:27 AM
Faces of the Boom: Pastor’s street ministry helps newcomers to ND 6/22/13 at 12:59 AM
Williston leaders reject request for concealed weapons in church 3/27/13 at 7:00 AM RED RIVER ORTHODOX: ORTHODOX CHRISTIANITY IN THE RED RIVER VALLEY
Anti-Religious Bias in the Workplace (Academic and Otherwise)
One thing I have encountered during my time in academia was an anti-religious affiliation bias. That is, it wasn't the study of religion per se that was the problem (the American Academy of Religion, ...
6/23/14 at 9:46 AM
Mainline Decline: What Lessons are There? 5/6/14 at 4:39 PM
Leaving the Orthodox Church 3/25/14 at 12:29 AM THE VILLAGE FAMILY SERVICE CENTER
Calling all church bulletins, company newsletters, etc.: Here's an easy way to help Big Brothers Big Sisters
Please help! We're looking for company newsletters, church bulletins, community publications, e-newsletters, etc. where we can place information about the need for Big Brothers! We typically have ...
6/17/14 at 10:13 AM CONCORDIA COLLEGE
Religion and the Internet: Huffington Post Editor to Speak at Concordia
Concordias Forum on Faith and Life welcomes the Rev. Paul Raushenbush to campus to speak about religion, interfaith and the Internet. Raushenbush met with a small group of faculty, staff and students...
3/5/13 at 5:57 PM
(Almost) Road Kill: A Paperback Miracle 9/7/12 at 9:44 AM
Students Attend Interfaith Institute 2/16/12 at 4:01 PM THE ATTIC
Superior church's steeple comes crashing down, 1982
September 2, 1982 The steeple of St. Stanislaus Catholic Church lies damaged at Birch Avenue and North 14th Street in Superior on Thursday, Sept. 2, 1982. The 38-foot steeple was being lifted from th...
8/30/12 at 3:45 PM
Holy Family Catholic School burns, 1992 4/25/12 at 3:02 PM
Easter in the Twin Ports 4/22/11 at 11:02 PM OH LOOK, A SHINY THING!
Writing About Writing (and Religion)
Not to be hopelessly twee or self-referential here, but I've noticed a buildup of journalism- and media-related links building up here on my browser, starting with a couple of things about religion re...
6/18/12 at 1:26 PM
Building Roses and Hammered Dulcimers 6/1/12 at 8:16 PM
Feedback Feedback... Loop Loop? 1/4/10 at 10:34 AM KINDNESS IS CONTAGIOUS
From Teri to Jon - "Thank you for all you do to help our kids be amazing people"
Editor's note: We invited readers to write letters to those they love this Christmas and share it with them through The Forum and here on Nicole's blog. This is one of them. Dear Jon, You are an am...
12/24/11 at 12:59 AM LAGNIAPPE
Blessed and haunted
Just before I came to work this morning, I turned on one of the morning news programs while I was putting on my makeup. The segments that I happened to catch were the two stories that seem to be toppi...
1/19/10 at 5:00 AM