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Bucatini All’ Amatriciana
Despite the fact that my mother occasionally fed our family Chef Boyardee Spaghetti and Meatballs, I still like Italian foods. Actually, every few years I buy a can of the Chefs meatballs and spaghet...
4/26/17 at 5:10 PM
The Magician’s Crepes 4/19/17 at 6:22 AM
Challah, an Easter Tradition 4/13/17 at 12:39 PM STAFF BLOGOIL PATCH DISPATCH
Legislators OK Funding for Oil Patch
BISMARCK North Dakota lawmakers reached a compromise Wednesday, April 26, on distributing dollars to Oil Patch communities while agreeing to study the funding formula for the top oil cities. The pro...
4/26/17 at 4:41 PM
Oil Industry, State at Odds Over Royalty Payments 4/21/17 at 7:06 PM
UPDATED: Lawmakers Propose Studying Tribal Tax Issues 4/21/17 at 8:43 AM RED RIVER FREETHINKERS
The Hindu Veneration of Cows
Religion is a world of ritual and things held dear. The source of these beliefs, perhaps without exception, is the livelihoods of people present and past. There is evidence the Hindu veneration of the...
4/26/17 at 4:41 PM
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance Lives On 4/25/17 at 5:35 PM
The Collapse of Western Society 4/24/17 at 5:25 PM ASTRO BOB
What’s That Bright Star at Dawn?
Several people have asked me in recent days what that bright "star" is shining near the sun at dawn. It's Venus, brightest of the planets. Venus was in inferior conjunction with the sun on March 25,...
4/26/17 at 2:18 PM
Fresh Look at a Martian ‘Hole-in-One’ 4/24/17 at 6:09 PM
Earth Peeps Out From Saturn’s Rings 4/23/17 at 11:05 AM UND NEWS
McNair Forum at UND Features Undergraduate Research
The University of North Dakotas 23rd Annual McNair Forum, in which undergraduate research is presented by McNair Program Scholars, will be heldThursday, April 27, in the Memorial Union River Valley Ro...
4/26/17 at 12:00 PM
UND Art Collections New Exhibit Opens April 25 4/21/17 at 8:59 AM
Congressman Cramer to Offer 2017 Frank A. Wenstrom Lecture at UND 4/7/17 at 11:00 AM THE GREAT INDOORS
Wisconsin Style Hot and Spicy Cheese Bread
FARGO I thought it was high time we check in once again with The Great Indoors progress during our year-long Trek To Times Square. In January, I decided to set a fitness goal for myself to walk the...
4/26/17 at 10:24 AM
CoPineSpiRum – a Mashup of Coconut Cheesecake, Pineapple Upside Down Cake and Spiced Rum 4/19/17 at 10:18 AM
Rethinking the Traditional Lawn
When my dad moved to Palm Springs in 1987, the residential landscape there was eerily Midwestern. There were rows of tidy lawns in front of every house, petunias in the gardens, and pots of pansies on...
4/26/17 at 10:23 AM
Research on Costs for New Water Supplies Highlights Importance of Conservation 4/13/17 at 8:05 AM
Visions of Gardens Danced in Her Head 4/4/17 at 3:24 PM DOING IT DOWNTOWN
Journey in Downtown Fargo History
Journey in Downtown Fargo History BY JESSICA COLBY Downtown Fargo is the must see place if you're passing through Fargo-Moorhead, but it didn't become a bustling city center overnight. With the many ...
4/26/17 at 10:00 AM
Navigating the Land of LGBTQ Labels 4/25/17 at 5:30 AM
Section 9 4/24/17 at 1:38 PM STAFF BLOGBISON MEDIA BLOG
NDSU’s NFL Bound Opponents
The NFL Draft begins tomorrow night in Philadelphia, ironic after what took place last year with Carson Wentz being selected as the number two overall pick. Wentz is scheduled to join ESPN's Mike and ...
4/26/17 at 9:21 AM
Bison Video Blog: Green and Gold Game Recap 4/22/17 at 10:20 PM
DeLuca’s Return 4/20/17 at 9:06 AM FARGO PUBLIC LIBRARY
Fargo Library Presents Gardening Series Starting May 2
Spring is here. Are you ready to start digging in your garden? Get your green thumb ready for spring and summer with a series of informational and hands-on gardening sessions at the library. Beginning...
4/26/17 at 8:51 AM
Horse-Themed Event for Kids at the Dr. James Carlson Library Is Saturday, April 22 4/19/17 at 7:53 AM
Children’s Author and Illustrator to Visit Main Library April 19 4/17/17 at 10:40 AM NORTH DAKOTA OUTDOORS AND BEYOND
Summer BOW Set June 23-25
The North Dakota Game and Fish Departments Becoming an Outdoors-Woman program is accepting registrations for the annual summer workshop June 23-25 at the North Dakota 4-H Camp, Washburn. Enrollment is...
4/26/17 at 7:47 AM
Paddlefish Snagging Season Opens May 1 4/25/17 at 7:58 AM
Fishing Access Sites on Google Maps 4/25/17 at 7:40 AM THE PERIPHERY
Fund Drive for Tanzania School — Culminating on the 50th Floor
Remember 2014? That was the year Russia annexed Crimea, the year of the Ebola outbreak, the year Germany won the World Cup, and the year I spent at the small village school in central Tanzania. Th...
4/26/17 at 7:13 AM
Video: Spring Walleyes in a Creek in Northern Minnesota 4/20/17 at 5:56 AM
Amy Helps a Boy With HIV Who Needs to Be Rushed to the Hospital 4/16/17 at 6:24 AM SENSE AND CENTSIBILITY
Ask a Counselor Vlog: Reverse Mortgages
Welcome to the "Ask a Counselor" vlog series! If you or someone you know might benefit from FREE reverse mortgage counseling with a certified houseing counselor, visit or call ...
4/26/17 at 6:45 AM
Guest Blog: 3 Tips for Graduates Battling Student Loan Debt at Graduation 4/24/17 at 7:30 AM
How Tiffany Paid Off Her Credit Cards as a Single Mom 4/21/17 at 5:20 AM UND HOCKEY
Morning Brief: The Recruiting Issue
Today, the coaches and commissioners seem to have a lighter schedule as they prepare for the bulk of the national meetings on Thursday and Friday. Because the NCAA's head of National Letters of Inten...
4/26/17 at 1:42 AM
Morning Brief: NCHC to Discuss Frozen Faceoff 4/24/17 at 11:37 PM
UND Women’s Destination Update 4/24/17 at 5:07 PM COBBERS OF THE BRAIN
What Does Concussion Do to Our Neurons?
Concussions are difficult to spot and treat without an obvious injury to the brain. A brain scan will not show bleeding or large-scale damage. But concussions can cause serious injury to the brain at ...
4/25/17 at 9:43 PM
Parkinson’s – a Disease Divulged 4/25/17 at 9:07 PM
Since Vaccines Don’t Cause Autism, What Does? 4/24/17 at 3:34 PM
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