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Featured Staff Blogs MIKE MCFEELY
Ancient, Out-of-Touch White Man in N.D. Gives Worst MLK Day Speech in History
North Dakota madesome national headlines lately for its (mis)handling of the Dakota Access Pipeline protests and silly legislative bills like the one defining all devices connected to the Internet as ...
1/18/17 at 8:56 AM CAPITOL CHATTER
Legislation Would Pay Minnesotans for Wisconsin Tax Losses
The Minnesota House Taxes Committee chairman is tired of dealing with Wisconsin about income taxes. So Chairman Greg Davids, R-Preston, drew up a provision he plans to insert into his tax bill this y...
1/18/17 at 6:12 AM OIL PATCH DISPATCH
Oilfield Workers Receive Checks for Unpaid Wages From Industry Donor
MINOT, N.D. Bakken oilfield workers who are still owed wages after their employer abruptly went out of business in 2015 began receiving some compensation Monday, Jan. 16, thanks to an anonymous donor...
1/16/17 at 9:53 PM SAY ANYTHING BLOG
Video: #NoDAPL Protesters Attack Police Line at Drill Pad
In renewed and violent protests a group of what appears to be a couple dozen #NoDAPL activists attacked a police line near the construction zone for the Dakota Access Pipeline. The pipeline has been ...
1/16/17 at 6:21 PM BISON MEDIA BLOG
1/12/17 at 12:10 PM

Featured Area Voices UND HOCKEY
Friday Morning Reading
This is a situation that just doesn't happen very often for UND. It is getting another shot against a team it got swept by earlier in the season. For starters, UND hasn't been swept much in recent y...
The Religious Right on Jews and Israel
At least some parts of the religious right have a different view of Israeland the Jewish peoplethan most of us. The religious right includes a group referred to generally as white supremacists. They ...
1/19/17 at 7:14 PM UND NEWS
First ‘Eye of the Hawk’ Events Set to Soar
Expert on business in China James McGregor and modern diversity leader The Rev. Jamie Washington have presentations set for Thursday and Jan. 30, respectively The Eye of the Hawk is upon us and starti...
1/19/17 at 3:38 PM ASTRO BOB
Tiny Daphnis Sends Ripples Through Saturn’s Rings in New Closeup Photo
Come on now. That's just a mind-blowing photo. We're looking at Saturn's moon, Daphnis, taken by NASA's Cassini spacecraft as it made one of its ring-grazing passes over the outer edges of Saturn's ...
Have You Seen? Winterkill
  This weeks North Dakota Game and Fish Department weekly webcast is now available online right hereand here: North Dakota Outdoors Webcast - 01/19/2017- Winterkill In this week's webcast lear...
1/19/17 at 2:01 PM